Static Guarding and Patrols

Static Guarding and Patrols:

GIS Guarding understands the importance of safeguarding our client’s assets, we provide the most exceptional security oficers, trained to execute their duties to the client’s requirements.

Our security guards are well trained and PSIRA compliant, they go through our 5 step training programme before we deploy them to any of our client’s sites. They are extensively trained in legal aspects, regulatory and procedural operations, company culture and communication skills that are critical to the delivery of our service.

GIS armed and unarmed guards can be entrusted to safeguard your physical premises, we focus on deterring and detecting criminal activity at your premises.
Our focus areas are the following:

o   Critical infrastructure
o   Government Infrastructure
o   Office Parks
o   Residential Estates and Complexes
o   Farms and Game Reserves
o   Mining and Industrial Sites
o   Construction Sites
o   Ports of Entries and Railway Stations