About Us.


GISUAV is a dynamic and innovative company committed to providing innovative security solutions to our clients. Our company’s operations are based on South African PSIRA regulations.

Mission and Vision

At GIS, our primary objective is to help people, clients, businesses and the communities they live and work in.

1. We believe in being a responsible, accountable and equitable organization, treating our stakeholders with mutual respect and dignity.
2. To foster an environment of discipline, inclusiveness, collaboration and innovation.
3. Provide superior customer service, with high quality care.

Our mission is to provide professional and affordable security services, build long term relationships with our clients and be a leading innovator in the security industry, contributing to the national development plan by providing a safe and secure South Africa.

Our vision is to be a leader in the security industry, providing flexible, cost-effective and high-quality customer centric security solutions.


Our Objectives

1. Quality Services
To consistently deliver quality services in the security industry by adhering to set specifications, contract ry and statutory requirements.

2. Best Team
Ensure that all employees are adequately trained, equipped, motivated and qualified to better industry standards, instil job security and maintain a performance focused work environment.

3. Customer Satisfaction
To develop a strong customer base focuse on delivering high customer satisfaction.

4. Efficient Services
Offer affordable and effi cient security service and create a structured, safe , secure and healthy work environment.