Information Security & Audit

Our security solutions complement Information Technology operations, Network and Desktop Management, while helping enterprises gain real-time visibility, bolster internal controls, stay secure, ensure business continuity and enhance productivity. Our Information security solutions cover security of physical assets and Information, Event Management, Active Directory Management and Audits, Privileged Password Management, Desktop and Mobile Devices Management, Vulnerability Management and Remediation, and Network Devices Security Management.

o   Vulnerability assessments
o   Document Security
o   Technical Security Counter Measures

We provide businesses and individuals the finest, accurate and dependable bug sweeping, TSCM and electronic countermeasure services available.

Information is like any other asset. Our services are directed at protecting the following:

o   Sensitive Communications
o   Boardroom Discussions
o   Mergers & Acquisitions
o   Delicate Negotiations
o   Lawsuit Strategies
o   Employee Safety
o   Trade Secrets
o   Personal Privacy
o   Vulnerable Off-site Meetings
o   Executive Residences & Home Offices


Cyber security

Our cyber risk offering helps organizations create a cyber-minded culture and become stronger, innovative and more resilient in the face of persistent and ever-changing cyber threats.

Our services are tailored to prevent cyberattacks and protect valuable assets, we prioritize your security, by making sure that you are vigilant and resilient. We not only look at preventive measures but deploy a more pro-active approach on managing cyber risk in a way that allows for innovation to flourish.

With human insights, technological innovation and enterprise wide cyber solutions, we will work alongside you to help find answers and solve for the complexity of each challenge from the boardroom to the operational floor.

The ambiguity of cyber drives the scope of our services. We implement and manage solutions across 4 areas:

1. Strategy, defence and response
  o   Cyber awareness
  o   Cyber strategy and assessment
  o   Risk management programmes
  o   Cyber defence and response

2. Data
  o   Strategy
  o   Reporting and validation
  o   Privacy
  o   Protection

3. Infrastructure
o   Core infrastructure security
o   Cloud infrastructure security
o   Threat and vulnerability management
o   Asset management
o   Mobile and end-point security
o   Technical resilience

4. Application Security
o   Verification and validation
o   Maintenance and retirement


Background screening, vetting

o   Pre-Employment Screening:
The Pre-employment screening processes goes beyond the standard interview process. Pre- Employment Screening draws on extensive resources and systems that are designed to uncover the factual information that a company requires to make an informed decision about the suitability of a candidate during the hiring process. We assist in protecting your company from candidates who may present deceptive information during the recruitment process thereby potentially damaging your organisation.

o   Polygraph Testing: We provide polygraph testing for corporate cases, lawyer referrals for individuals required to go for polygraph testing, domestic polygraph testing, pre-employee background honesty screening

o   Company tracing and verification
o   Consumer trace
o   Criminal record check
o   Department of Home Affairs identity verification.


Security Risk Analysis and Consultancy

o   Business Physical Security Assessment and Auditing: We conduct a walk-through of facilities or residences and evaluate whether physical security controls are in place, effective and adequate. Our professionals probe perimeter defences and access control systems, video surveillance and other essential controls. This uncovers any major gaps and vulnerabilities in these controls, helping you to determine whether controls are working as expected.
o   Risk assessments
o   Security surveys
o   Penetration testing
o   Security Profiling


GIS Investigations

GIS investigations are geared towards assisting private individuals, lawyers, corporate organisations in combatting criminal activities.
We look at
o   Criminal Investigations and
o   Financial Investigations
  —   Fraud Investigation
  —   Financial Documents Examination
  —   Computer Crime Investigation
  —   Money Laundering Investigation
  —   Organised Crime Investigation
  —   Economic Crimes Investigation

International Security Consulting and Advisory

We offer expert consulting on regional risk and security consulting in Africa and the Middle East, our consulting services are tailored to your immediate and future environment needs; we look at security in a holistic form, encompassing political, business and personnel aspects.

Are you are looking at growing your business and making it a global brand, we specialize in advising you on the geo-political, social and economic environment in that particular area that you have chosen to do business in. Let us secure you and your business.

Our focus is on the immediate and future changes you anticipate in your business and personal operations in order to prevent the risk of an insufficient security level. We will then provide you with suggestions for planning a cost-effective security solution.

Our international consulting services include:
• Investigations
• Negotiations and conflict resolutions
• Risk assessments and regional security reports
• Asset and supply chain security
• Reputation and brand risk
• Close protection services
• Travel security