GIS Guarding Services


Static Guarding and Patrols:

GIS Guarding understands the importance of safeguarding our client’s assets, we provide the most exceptional security officers, trained to execute their duties to the client’s requirements.

Our security guards are well trained and PSIRA compliant, they go through our 5 step training programme before we deploy them to any of our client’s sites. They are extensively trained in legal aspects, regulatory and procedural operations, company culture and communication skills that are critical to the delivery of our service.

GIS armed and unarmed guards can be entrusted to safeguard your physical premises, we focus on deterring and detecting criminal activity at your premises.
Our focus areas are the following:

o   Critical infrastructure
o   Government Infrastructure
o   Office Parks
o   Residential Estates and Complexes
o   Farms and Game Reserves
o   Mining and Industrial Sites
o   Construction Sites
o   Ports of Entries and Railway Stations


Events Security

Event Security is an integral component that must be taken into consideration by event organizers. Our security officers are ‘crowd control’ endorsed and PSIRA certified. The primary role of event security personnel is to prevent incidents and criminal behaviour. Secondary to prevention, event security personnel will also protect your staff, guests in attendance, your premises and assets such as cash register/ takings.

We cover all areas of event security including community events, private celebrations (weddings, birthday parties), markets, conventions, exhibition shows, corporate functions, sporting events, music festivals and concerts. We look at all aspects of your security needs, so we can tailor a plan that fits your every requirement regarding the following:
o   Venue appraisals
o   Venues access control
o   Guarding and patrol


GIS Close Protection

At GIS we provide specially trained Close Personal Protection Officers and bodyguards to ensure the safety, security and peace of mind of dignitaries, celebrities, VIP’s, high profile personalities and business people. Our protectors are highly trained and experienced in hostile security protection.


Security Escorts

Our security escort service targets tour buses, precious goods, VIP convoys and any individual working in potentially risky situations.


Technical Security Installations and Turnkey Projects

Proper security planning dictates multiple security disciplines from a variety of service providers. Selecting the appropriate security countermeasures and the best security provider can be a difficult task for most businesses. We fill that void with our turnkey security solutions.
o   Some of our turnkey security countermeasures include:
    o   Walls
    o   Fences
    o   Gates
    o   Booms
    o   Biometric Systems
    o   Safety Safes and Strong rooms
    o   Burglar bars
    o   Security Doors and Windows
o   Supply and installation of CCTV



GIS Car tracking, recovery and fleet monitoring

The GIS Mobile app ensures that your vehicle tracking, and telematics data is at your fingertips. Our mobile app will provide first hand data and control of your vehicles while they’re on the road; no-go-zone alerts, harsh driving alerts, fuel usage reports.
o   Car recovery
In our 6 years of existence we hold a 99% recovery record for all the cars under our tracking service, we provide a 24/7 tracking service, aided by our 24/7 operational control room to give you peace of mind.


GIS UAV Drones

At GIS UAV we have been developing drones since 2012, we specialise in both multirotor and fixed wing solutions.
o   Multirotor Specialised drones for photography, mapping, surveillance, crime scene mapping.
o   Fixed wing drone

We build and supply various sized fixed wing drones, small drones with advance tactical deployment 1-hour flight time with the latest camera surveillance and HD movement detection feedback up to 50KM, hand launch and short landing automated pre-loaded flight plan.

Big Drones with twin prop advance tactical deployment of 3 hours’ flight time with the latest camera surveillance and HD feedback movement detection of up to 50KM, hand launch and short landing automated pre-loaded flight plan. Our drone services are geared towards assisting our clients in the following:
o   Crime scene mapping
o   Game counting
o   Agricultural
o   De-Mining (Metal detecting with loop and multirotor, information to advanced mapping programme, burning of un exploded ordonnance detected.)
o   And mining fields mapping.