GPS Car Tracking Software

Manage history, reports, events and notifications. Remote device control, mobile phone tracking apps and 400 + closely supported GPS trackers. Thus, providing you with easy and affordable car tracking.

Your Personal Car tracking account and Asset Management System

Our Solution is designed for personal, vehicle or mobile phone tracking and management. Your account allows you to see precise object locations live via web browser while instantly viewing historical tracks and getting notifications about events which require your immediate attention, generate various reports, control devices remotely and much more.

Our company’s GPS tracking system is easy to use, mobile friendly, has intuitive user interface communicates with a wide variety of GPS devices (trackers), including smartphones and tablets.

Easy to use. Mobile, PC and MAC friendly, and feature a rich user interface. You can monitor thousands of targets from one account. Car tracking or fleet tracking tasks perform instantly due to a optimized software core. Maps can be viewed as street view or satellite view. Hence, making this the most efficient way to monitor your entire fleet.

The control panel area controls user accounts, user privileges, object expiration dates, and configures basic software settings.

This mobile app not only provides software on any mobile device , but also converts your smartphone to a GPS car tracking device.

Getting started with GIS UAV (Pty) LTD  GPS car tracking

  • First of all, GIS UAV (Pty) LTD – Tracking can monitor thousands of targets. Then displays their location on maps with crystal clear detail, right down to street level in any web browser.
  • In addition, the location of the tracked asset can easily be shared via e-mail, WhatsApp and Facebook. 
  • Allows users to track objects in real time and as a result, directly view historical tracks.
  • Receive notifications about events that require your immediate attention.
  • Additionally, it generates various group reports and much more.
  • Our Software is very simple, user friendly and designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices including mobile devices. It is constantly being improved and updated with new features.

So, how does it work?

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Basic requirements

  • A GPS device receives position information from GPS satellites and forwards it to us. Thus you need a GPS device for each object you want to track.
  • There are also vehicle mounted GPS devices, asset tracking devices and personal tracking devices. These include both GPS and a mobile data modules.
  • Most of all, your GPS device needs to have an internet connection to send position data to our GPS-server.
  • The most common option is to use a data subscription with a minimum of 2G or 3G mobile networks. Most dedicated GPS devices include a mobile data module that use a standard SIM card. Can be supplied and managed by GIS UAV.

GPS Tracking Software

  • Unique GPS tracking software for personal and commercial use. Track location of thousands of objects real-time, monitor people, kids, pets, vehicles, bikes, cargo, boats or any other object who needs special attention. Never has it been easier to get object location with mobile apps for Android and iOS smartphone tracking.
  • Software is designed to track objects location on digital map. Get instant notifications, reports, view history, remotely control objects and prevent emergency situations. Stay notified about entrance into restricted areas, exit of allowed areas, speeding, emergency situations. Get started today! CONTACT US

System usage examples

  • Own GPS tracking 
  • Protect your sensitive and valuable assets 
  • Monitor travel of company cars
  • Monitor your sensitive and valuable cargo, in transit
  • Protect your family members, kids and elders
  • All of these available nationally and internationally!

Our Operational /Call Centre

We have strategically placed call centres in Gauteng which keep an eye on the tracking devices of all our clients.

In the event of an emergency, theft, carjacking or robbery the call centers will confirm and consequently, alert the closest affiliated response team. And if necessary also closest Police Station, Metro Police Station, and Local Policing Forums.

The Call Centre also keeps record of trip data and event alarms for 3 months.

Our Response Teams

GIS UAV (Pty) Ltd – Tracking have  partnership agreements with response teams belonging to  affiliated security companies.

Due to an agreement with a company based at Rand Airport we have access to helicopters and fixed wing aircraft 24/7. We also have the largest Track, Trace and Recovery Footprint in South Africa. Furthermore, with cross border abilities.