At GIS UAV , we have been developing drones since 2012. Our head office is based in Rietfontein on the same premises we host our call centre. The solutions we offer are divided into tracking solutions, drone solutions (with specialised and detailed mapping) and security detail for sensitive and high value assets.  We have, combined, more than 75 years experience in the security industry. At GIS UAV, we pride ourselves in offering standard but also highly customised security solutions to satisfy the need of our customers.


Tracking devices. Options available on standard , OBD, personnel and magnetic devices

Drones / UAV's

We specialise in both Multirotor and Fixed Wing solutions.

Smart Security Services

Security detail and convoy security for sensitive and high value assets.

Total years of experience

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Dragonfly Drones Fixed Wing Surveillance Cam

Bicycle Tracking FSD

Dragonfly Drones Fixed Wing Snowy White

Call Center

We have strategically placed call centers in Gauteng which keep an eye on the tracking devices of all our clients.

In the event of an emergency,  theft,  carjacking or robbery the call centers will confirm and then alert the closest affiliated response team,
and if necessary also closest Police Station, Metro Police Station, and Local Policing Forums.

The Call Center also keeps record of trip data and event alarms for 3 months

Response Teams

Gis UAV have partnership agreements with response teams belonging to other security companies.

An agreement with a company based at Rand Airport gives us access to helicopters and fixed wing aircraft 24/7

Research and Development Services

You might be considering starting a career in aerial mapping or surveillance.
You might have an application for drones in mind that nobody thought of before.
We can help you with that; we have engineers, technicians and drones available to assist you in tests, feasibility and viability studies.

We have done a couple of successful trials for our clients already:

  • we have burned landmines with thermite
  • scouted for IED’s ahead of a convoy
  • proven surveillance for disaster management from a container, rigged out as an ops-room
  • proven that areal mapping and 3D terrain analysis are viable options as opposed to the use of satellites or airplanes